Australian Academic and Research Libraries (AARL) December 2014

The December issue of AARL is published. It is a special issue on research support services in academic libraries. We are very fortunate to have some excellent papers. The version of record is available at:

Many of the authors have also placed their author final versions in their repositories for those without subscriptions (see below for links).

This issue focuses on research support services in academic libraries. We released a call for papers in the middle of 2013 expressing an interest in papers investigating research support services in academic libraries. Interestingly, most of the papers we received were about scholarly communication, particularly open access – clearly areas of great importance and activity in the academic library world. The other papers in this issue report on awareness of a research data management services in South Africa and a research impact measurement service in Australia, also areas of increasing interest in academic libraries.

 Colin Steele “Scholarly Communication, Scholarly Publishing and University Libraries. Plus Ça Change?”

Danny Kingsley “Paying for publication: issues and challenges for research support services”,

Paul Ayris, Erica McLaren, Martin Moyle, Catherine Sharp & Lara Speicher “Open Access in UCL: A New Paradigm for London’s Global University in Research Support”

Michelle Kahn, Richard Higgs, Joy Davidson & Sarah Jones “Research Data Management in South Africa: How We Shape Up”

Robyn Drummond “RIMS Revisited: The Evolution of the Research Impact Measurement Service at UNSW Library”


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