The DOCAM 2015 conference extension for submission of abstracts

The DOCAM 2015 conference is pleased to announce an extension for submissions of extended abstracts and posters.

Over the past few days we have had multiple requests for extensions, AND with the onset of the holiday season it seems only appropriate to extend our deadline.

DOCAM 2015’s new and final date for submission of abstracts is midnight (23:59:00) 12 January, 2015, Australian Eastern Daylight Time (see indicative international times below).

Extended abstracts to be submitted by: 12 January 2015
Notification of acceptance by: 15 February 2015
Conference dates: 20-22 July 2015

Monday January 12, midnight Sydney time is:

London : Monday 12 January 1 pm
Los Angeles : Monday 12 January 5 am
New York : Monday 12 January 8 am
Oslo : Monday 12 January 2 pm
Tokyo : Monday 12 January 10pm

Submissions can be made from the Conference web site:

DOCAM ’15 website:

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