AARL Australian Academic and Research Libraries September issue

The September 2014 print issue of AARL has just been delivered and is available online.

The first paper in this issue anticipates the forthcoming December on research support issue by dealing with one aspect of research support that of personalised information consultations in the early stages of PhD candidature. “Wrangling the Literature: Quietly Contributing to HDR Completions”, by Jennifer Warburton and Peter Macauley, shares the findings of a study profiling PhD candidates’ usage of an academic library research consultation service. The full text of this paper is available in the author’s institutional repository.

Fiona Brown’s article, “Replacing Law Firm Libraries with Commercial Law Library and Legal Research Services in the UK”, looks at outsourcing services. While this paper focuses on law libraries in the United Kingdom, outsourcing is common to many information services and the implications relating to outsourcing are of concern across the LIS profession.

In “Contemporary Cataloguing Policy and Practice in Australian Libraries”, Philip Hider reports on a survey of Australian libraries across different sectors. Hider’s research looked at which staff in libraries were performing cataloguing roles and what standards were being used. The paper concludes that cataloguers are still very much in demand.

The final article in this issue is by Suzana Sukovic, who led a digital storytelling project during the 2012 Year of Reading at an independent girls’ high school. “ iTell: Transliteracy and Digital Storytelling” provides an in-depth discussion about the notions of transliteracy and digital storytelling, followed by the findings of the research. Using these relatively recent concepts, student engagement was observed during the project and the paper provides research evidence for the role of digital storytelling in learning environments. T

Take a look!

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