Selected recent articles from AARL available free

Selected Australian Academic and Research Libraries (AARL) articles – listed below –  from the past 2 or 3 years are available for free access for a period of 6 months. While we encourage AARL authors to take advantage of the Taylor and Francis 2011 + Library & Information Science Author Rights pilot scheme that allows authors to post their peer-reviewed Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) to an institutional repository immediately after publication, not all do.  So take a look at some recent articles here, and perhaps consider reading more or submitting your papers to AARL, first checking out our “instructions for authors” pages.

The currently free papers are linked from this page, or listed below:

Riding the Wave of Open Access: Providing Library Research Support for Scholarly Publishing Literacy.
Linlin Zhao Volume 45, Issue 1 (2014)

The E-book Power User in Academic and Research Libraries: Deep Log Analysis and User Customisation
Pervaiz Ahmad, Mark Brogan, and Michael N. Johnstone Volume 45, Issue 1 (2014)

MOOCs: The Challenges for Academic Librarians
Cameron Barnes, Volume 44, Issue 3 (2013)

Information Literacy at University: A Toolkit for Readiness and Measuring Impact
Heather Hulett, Jenny Corbin, Sharon Karasmanis, Tracy Robertson, Fiona Salisbury, and Tai Peseta, Volume 44, Issue 3 (2013)

Learning Spaces in Academic Libraries – A Review of the Evolving Trends
Arlee Turner, Bernadette Welch, and Sue Reynolds, Volume 44, Issue 4 (2013)

Negotiating Self-presentation, Identity, Ethics, Readership and Privacy in the LIS Blogosphere: A Review of the Literature
Katy Greenland, Volume 44, Issue 4 (2013)

Re-presenting the Library Collections : A Story of Principles, Pathways and Partnerships
Maureen Kattaua, Volume 43, Issue 3 (2012)

‘How can we help?’ The Contribution of University Libraries to Student Retention
Pauline Hagel, Anne Horn, Sue Owen, and Michael Currie, Volume 43, Issue 3 (2012)

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes for Academic Reference Librarians
Gaby Haddow, Volume 43, Issue 3 (2012)

Scholarly Use of E-Books in a Virtual Academic Environment: A Case Study
Pervaiz Ahmad and Mark Brogan, Volume 43, Issue 3 (2012)

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