March 2014 issue of AARL: Australian Academic & Research Libraries

The first issue of Australian Academic & Research Libraries for 2014 has been published . This year sees some changes in the practical management of the journal, which will now be conducted via the online editorial management system at .  In this issue we have four scholarly papers, and eight book reviews organised by the book reviews editor, Dr David Wells of Curtin University.

The papers look at a variety of very interesting topics. The first is  “Riding the Wave of Open Access: Providing Library Research Support for Scholarly Publishing Literacy” by Linlin Zhao and presents a professional research librarian’s perspective drawing on the literature to examine some of the issues encountered in providing library support for researchers.

The second paper by Mark Horan is titled “No Learner Too Far: A Comparative Study of the Development of Guidelines for Distance Education Library Services in Australia” and looks at Australia’s role in supporting distance learners at tertiary institutions.

The third paper in this issue by Pervaiz Ahmad, Mark Brogan & Michael N. Johnstone, “The E-book Power User in Academic and Research Libraries: Deep Log Analysis and User Customisation”, use a deep log analysis of user transactions with an e-book platform in an academic library, to look for evidence of ‘power user’. Results suggest there is potential for customisation of e-book platforms, based on the behavioural profiles of users, to improve and facilitate the user experience.

The final paper in this issue takes an in-depth, qualitative approach to explore how resettling refugees experience a new health environment and develop health literacy practice. The paper is by Annemaree Lloyd and titled “Building Information Resilience: How do Resettling Refugees Connect with Health Information in Regional Landscapes – Implications for Health Literacy”.

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