Shut up and write

Following a post by the Thesis Whisperer in 2011, Jake Wallis a colleague in Wagga, set up Shut up and Write (SUAW) sessions. Read about the provenance of SUAW and how SUAW works in the Thesis Whisperer’s original post: . In these sessions, for some reason writing  blocks are overcome, writing flows and in the small amount of time, a disproportionate amount of writing seems to happen. However, re the Wagga SUAW sessions: I work in Sydney. I tried to Skype in, video conference in, and in other ways remotely be a part of these sessions. Alas, it never quite worked.  Although i enjoyed and found useful participating in these sessions when I was physically with my colleagues in Wagga, this was one aspect of remotely working that never quite worked for me. There is something to be said for sometimes being together with colleagues, friends, collaborators, fellow travelers on the writing journey. Just as coffee sometimes tastes better with a companion, so writing (sometimes) happens better in company. Who knew? So – I am pleased to report that CSU Olympic Park, has just led its first Shut up and Write session. And yes, a lot has been achieved, including in the last moments, this blog post (blogging is writing – yes?).


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  1. Another successful Shut up and write at CSU Sydney Olympic Park. I wonder what it is about the process about writing with other people, but not on the same work, that makes it so successful? I achieve more than I would have if I had just spent that time working on my own at my desk. Puzzling in a good way!

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