Nature news article by Beall on predatory open access publishing

Danny Kingsley of the Australian Open Access Support Group (AOASG), in forwarding this link to the AOASG elist points out that “The issue of predatory publishers is an acute and serious one for open access advocates. Scholars seem to blame open access for this phenomenon when it is actually opportunism. Open access then gets lumped into the ‘dodgy’ basket. The real solution is, of course, for scholars to have a full understanding of the publishing process and therefore know what to look for.”

I would argue that discussing and disseminating information on the scholarly communications process is an important part of any research higher degree education. Some of this discussion occurred at the Charles Sturt University Faculty of Education Research Higher Degree forum earlier this week – where topics in scholarly communication were discussed openly and in a variety of ways. It was great!

Scholarly communications, including the issues around open access are also a field every student aspiring to be an academic librarian should develop a deep understanding of, even though in this constantly changing environment, this requires an investment of time on an ongoing basis.  How much of this is covered in our librarianship programs?  The link to Beall’s article is below.

Published 12 Sept 2013

Predatory publishers are corrupting open access

Journals that exploit the author-pays model damage scholarly publishing and promote unethical behaviour by scientists, argues Jeffrey Beall.


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