AARL new issue – September 2013

The September issue of AARL has just been released: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/uarl20/current.

We encourage AARL authors to immediately deposit the full text of their peer reviewed papers in their institutional repositories, as per the Taylor & Francis author rights policy for all authors publishing in Routledge’s/T&Fs 35 Library & Information Science Journals. Thus, if you or your library don’t subscribe to AARL, these should be available shortly.

Papers include:

Building Research Capacity of Medical Students and Health Professionals in Rural Communities: Leveraging a Rural Clinical School’s Resources to Conduct Research Skills Workshops by Kaye Lasserre and Jennifer Moffat

Information Literacy at University: A Toolkit for Readiness and Measuring Impact, by Heather Hulett, Jenny Corbin, Sharon Karasmanis, Tracy Robertson, Fiona Salisbury & Tai Peseta

MOOCs: The Challenges for Academic Librarians, by Cameron Barnes

There is also an obituary by Peter Clayton and an “Appreciation” by Russell Cope of Dr Peter Biskup, once editor of AARL and scholar, librarian and gentleman.

Eight great book reviews complete the issue!

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